Membrane Biofouling

Membrane Biofouling is the undesirable attachment and growth of algae and bacteria on a surface. Specifically membranes, which are emerged continuously in water, can be affected negatively by biofouling. The adherence of microorganisms and algae on the feed spacer will cause a head loss over the feed channel. Subsequently, there will be less water transported to the elements after the elements are fouled. If this process of adherence and growth continues, channelling will occur and blocks out the surfaces of the membrane from incoming water.
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Biofouling Control

Global Membrains is specified in biofouling control. It is important to detect biofouling in an early stage. The Membrane Fouling Simulator, which is offered by Global Membrains, makes early detection possible of biofouling. Biofouling starts normally at the leading elements in an operating membrane installation. Only when severe biofouling has occurred it will be detectable with the equipment normally installed to control the first stage of the installation.
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Biofouling Detection

Biofouling detection is important for the condition of the membrane installation. To detect biofouling in an early stage.Global membrains offers the Membrane Fouling Simulator (MFS). This instrument van be used for biofouling detection and to evaluate the biofouling tendencies of different water sources, of dosed chemicals or as an early warning device.
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