Membrane Fouling Simulators for Saudian University KAUST

In May 2011 Global Membrains got an important order for 12 Membrane Fouling Simulators from the Saudia University KAUST ( King Abdullah University for Sience and Technology) based in Thurwall an 40 minutes drive North from Jeddah’s airport. The order involved the development, production and installation of 12 Membrane Fouling Simulators. Up to that moment the MFS produced included apart from an MFS a prefabbed system with a pressure reducing valve, flow controller and a differential pressure monitor.


Now, together with KAUST, the outlines of a new set up with a feedpump, flow measurement, dosing pump, data logging and remote control were discussed. Over the following months Global Membrains selected the key parts for this high tech project. In a fruitful collaboration with many suppliers these parts were put together and tested in the complete set up. They were delivered in August 2011 to Saudi Arabia and to the University in Delft. Global Membrains wants to thank the people involved at KAUST  for their trust and support in this project.