Trade mission to VAE

Global Membrains attended a trade mission to yhe United Arab Emirates and Oman early februari this year. The trip was organized by NWP ( The Dutch Water Partnership ) in collaboration with the Dutch ministry of Traffic and Water and was leaded by the minister Karla Peijs herself.. In Abu Dhabi the Dutch companies presented themselves on a tradeshow to a selected audience of potential customers. We had a lot of support of the Embassy directed by David de Waal.
Afterwards Dubai was visited . In this country of booming activities a boat tour was made along the manmade islands The Palm and the in status nascendi island group The World. The interaction between the attendees and the potential business partners and governments made the trip very successful.A team of two of Global Membrains travelled to Saudi Arabia halfway march this year. In territories several membrane drinking water plants were visited. In discussion with the local authorities we concluded important savings in costs can be realized by Global Membrains’advices. Savings in

Operational costs by more efficient use of chemical additives and by upgrading the systems design on energy consumption. Implementation will be discussed in May.