About Us

Company profile

Global Membrains is a privately owned organisation and is based in the Netherlands. Our organization is active in the field of membrane technology and focuses on preventing and solving problems in reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultra- and micro-filtration plants, in other to achieve as low as possible total cost of ownership.
We have chosen for a most flexible and responsive approach to offer services and advice by highly experienced and educated experts. This approach responds on the very rapid developments in membrane technologies and markets.
The services and advisory activities we offer comprise e.g.:

  • Strategy development and partnership building
  • Matchmaking
  • Capacity building and organization development
  • Review and improvement of water treatment and distribution
  • On-line monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Development and implementation of early warning systems for scaling and biofouling

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Global Membrains is:
‘To provide equipment and substantiated recommendations to facility owners and operators that will enable their facilities to operate at optimal performance’.


We have made arrangements with internationally recognized experts to act as “flexible” staff member of Global Membrains. These experts are acting on an individual basis or as an employee of our “network organisation” e.g. Research Institutes, Universities and Water Supply Companies.
Laboratory facilities for microbiological, chemical analysis and membranes autopsies are available. Research Institutes, Universities, Certified Laboratories being part of our network are conducting advanced analysis and investigations at our request.