Membrane Advice

The membrane advice of Global Membrains includes our know how of worldwide available commercial membranes. Once the decision is made to use membranes for the production of high quality water, whether this is to meet drinking water standards or to meet specific demands of process water, the selection of which membranes to be used best can be very challenging. There are many varying from low fouling, low energy, low rejection, 4”, 8” and lately 16” to membranes with a specific Molecular Cut Off (MCO) to separate to fit the customers special needs. In this jungle membrane advice is a welcome service to our customers .
Our membrane advice starts with the available water source and its characteristics. The desired output quality may vary from the guidelines for drinking water made by the WHO to customer specific limits on different elements. The limits on Boron for example in a seawater treatment plant can be reason for a Global Membrains membrane advice to find a optimal combination between membranes with a defined Boron rejection and pH adjustments of the feed water. In the production process of many substances a membrane separation step is included in the purification step. By selecting the best membrane with the optimum MCO major savings can be achieved in time, purity and yield of the end product.
Global Membrains offers this membrane advice on a fixed fee bases.