The membrane services of Global Membrains are very extensive. The world has embraced membrane treatment as the most reliable and proven technology for providing the safest drinking water to the continues growing world population.The managing partners of Global Membrains quickly recognized that although the world has acknowledged membrane technologies to solve the most difficult water supply and treatment issues; there is a significant deficit in qualified technical professionals to provide unbiased and qualified recommendations to facility owners and operators with difficult membrane operational and performance issues.The primary objective of Global Membrains is to provide substantiated membrane services to facility owners and operators that will enable their facilities to operate at optimal performance.
Our membrane services include:

  • Qualified Second Opinions
  • Warranty Claim Verification
  • Mediation Support
  • Pretreatment Evaluations
  • System Evaluations
  • Retrofit Recommendations
  • Chemical Treatment Optimization
  • Operational Efficiency Analyses
  • Membrane Autopsies
  • Pretreatment Optimization
  • System Optimization
  • Retrofitting
  • Membrane Cleaning
  • Membrane Replacement
  • Full Service Maintenance Contracts

The managing partners of Global Membrains recognize that in the membrane treatment industry responsiveness is paramount to solving the most urgent membrane operational problems.
Based in the Netherlands, we have the ability to mobilize the most qualified professionals within several days for membrane services at facilities around the world. This ability to mobilize almost immediately worldwide, with experts carefully selected to solve a client’s specific problem, distinguishes us from the competition.
Apart from these membrane services Global Membrains have contributed to the development of equipment to the membrane technology until then missing. This equipment has been developed from the vision of Global Membrains to create tools, simple and small, which will allow it’s users to optimize the performance of the membrane plant. Such as the biofouling monitor (MFS) which can be used as an early warning system or to study the effects of biofilm formation in many situations.