Membrane Fouling

Membrane fouling is the gathering of undesirable materials deposit on solid surfaces which harms the function of the membranes. The foulants can consist of organisms also called biofouling. Furthermore, the fouling can be non-living substances such as organic, biological and colloidal.

Reverse Osmosis Fouling

Reverse Osmosis fouling (RO fouling) affects the Reverse Osmosis system. Fouling of the Reverse Osmosis system can be seen as a great problem for the membrane installations because it reduces the performance of the system. Reverse Osmosis fouling reduces the quality of the water and increases energy costs.
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Membrane Fouling System

Membrane fouling system can suffer of different fouling such as organic fouling and inorganic fouling. Accumulation of this substances over time can lead to great membrane fouling, leading to loss of production and lower quality of the purified water.
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