Membrane Consultant

Membrane consultants are one of the services which have the focus of Global Membrains since its start in 2004. It appeared to both founding fathers of Global Membrains, Koos J. Baas and Lute Broens, the demand for independent advice in the world market is growing, while the availability of membrane consultants with the required expertise is decreasing. The Dutch over the last decades have invested much time and resources in order to increase their knowhow in manufacturing and implementing membrane technology. As a result many experts at different areas of membrane technology are available  within our network.
The membrane consultant Global Membrains can use, depends on the kind of specific needs of our customers. Whether this is a pre-treatment, biofouling, disinfection, scaling, production or quality problem, we can select the membrane consultant with the best fit for the job.

Urgent Membrane Problems

The most evident job for our membrane consultants is to solve urgent problems in the production process of a membrane plant. In a world where loss of efficacy or shut downs are very costly, responsiveness is key to our Global Membrains membrane consultants. We strive to have our specialist available within 3 days after receiving the order.

Project Development

In new projects, Global Membrains membrane consultants can play an important role as sparring partner of the project developer. Our advises can cover the calculations of quantity and quality of the plants produced water as well as selection of water source and evaluation of the method of desalination, whether this is thermal or with membranes. We can help our customer in selecting the best engineering company and second opinion their output. Also in the process of constructing and commissioning our membrane consultant can play a role.
It is our experience in these projects that Global Membrains is asked to train the local staff in maintaining the plant at its best performance.