Membrane Second Opinion

The membrane second opinion comes in when the finished plant does not match its original design criteria. Whether this is due to bad design, wrong installation or off specification membrane elements, a membrane second opinion of an independent, generally accepted and recognized specialist can clear this situation. More and more membrane plants are constructed over the world to treat re-use, brackish or sea water into drinking water. Based on the available water quality and quantity, plant designers use the different selection programs of membrane manufacturers for the layout of their plant.  Their final specifications serve as basis for plant construction and orders to suppliers. Global Membrains has these authorities available for this kind of jobs at high stake. In these membrane second opinion cases the demands for our specialist reaches from checking the design data, matching the final layout to the actual construction and the performance of the membrane elements and providing advice. Global Membrains can be hired by one of the involved parties, or better if mutually agreed by all companies as an independent specialist to bring out a binding advice.


For this service Global Membrains needs to be at the site and have free access to all data and the installation. Usually a membrane second opinion takes three to five working days, depending on the size and complexity of the plant, after which a report can be made. Global Membrains can cover the globe for this work and already it brought us to Africa and the Middle East on many occasions. Global Membrains price on membrane second opinions is dependent on site, size and complexity of the plant and usually includes airfares and costs of local stay. Global Membrains can offer a membrane second opinion at a fixed fee or at made costs.